Jibreel Khazan

Jibreel Khazan, known as Ezell Blair Jr. at the time of the sit-ins, was born in Greensboro and attended local Dudley High School. While a student at North Carolina A&T State University, Khazan earned a B.S. in Sociology, served as president of the junior class and worked with the student government association, NAACP on campus and the Greensboro Congress for Racial Equality. He roomed with fellow sit-in participant Joseph McNeil. After graduation from A&T, Khazan found it difficult to find a job in Greensboro, being continually marked as one of the “four troublemakers” from the Woolworth sit-ins. He moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1965, which he has noted as being significant because it was where Frederick Douglas escaped to freedom.

In 1968, Khazan joined the New England Islamic Center and took his present name. He currently works with developmentally disabled people in New Bedford and has three children with wife Lorraine France George.

Information courtesy of the February One Documentary.


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