David Richmond

David Richmond was also born in Greensboro and graduated from Dudley High School, before attending North Carolina A&T State University where he majored in business administration and accounting, before leaving the school to become a counselor in Greensboro. After his life was threatened because of his job, he left the community for 9 years before returning to Greensboro to take care of his parents. The stigma of being a troublemaker as one of the original “Greensboro Four” followed him during his time in Greensboro.

In 1980, the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce awarded him the Levi Coffin Award for serving as leader for human rights, human relations and human resources development in the Greensboro community. He died in December 1990 at the age of 49 after struggling with alcoholism and depression.  Since then, he has been awarded a honorary doctorate degree posthumously.


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